Perfect order at Cinnamon

Perfect Order at Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an Indian restaurant in Rhinebeck. Their menu is not small but we have eaten most of it! Cinnamon has introduced us to a number of new things and it seems like they’ve added a few items recently. We’re getting a crab and onion pakora next time!

Here’s our idea of a perfect order (for 2 or 3 + some leftovers):

1 x Palak chaat:
A really nice crunchy herby saucy appetizer—fried spinach leaves topped with sev noodles, chopped onion, and tomatoes, topped with cilantro and mint chutney, tamarind sauce, and yogurt.

1 x Saag paneer:
More spinach! This time in a creamy sauce of ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin with paneer cheese. Really perfect.

1 x Lamb rogan josh:
This is a beautifully cooked lamb shank in a sauce made with saffron, garam masala, and chiles. Our other favorite in this category is there lamb phaal—that one is very spicy, which we love.

1 x Paratha:
A flaky buttery Indian flatbread—we love naan but this one is really special treat.

2 x Garlic naan: An extra one so that maybe there will be a little to go with leftovers.

1 x Pulao rice:
An improved rice—cooked in brother with vegetables and herbs.

1 x Side of masala sauce:
This sauce is so good—the chicken tikka masala is great but if you’re ordering other things and just want a little sauce to put on the rice or bread…

51 E. Market Street, Rhinebeck

Palak chaat — $10
Saag paneer — $17
Lamb shank rogan josh — $25
Chicken tikka masala — $20
Paratha — $6
Garlic naan — $5
Pulao rice — $5
Side of masala sauce — $5